How Effective is Laser Dentistry? – San Francisco

When it comes to high-quality dental care, one of the keys is the effectiveness of treatment. The techniques and tools used when treating patients must be accurate, safe, and able to provide optimal results. It’s for this reason that we have incorporated laser dentistry technology into his practice in San Francisco. He first used laser technology in his practice in and remains the only dentist certified to use lasers for soft tissue and hard tissue treatment in the area.

 What Makes Laser Dentistry So Effective

Laser dentistry provides dentists with greater precision when assessing and treating the various structures of the mouth. Diagnostic lasers provide added accuracy when identifying problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Hard tissue and soft tissue lasers are extremely precise, meaning that we can pinpoint problem areas without affecting healthy tissues. Both of these are major benefits of laser dentistry for patients.

 The Safety of Laser Dentistry

The lasers used for diagnostic care and actual hard tissue and soft tissue treatment are extremely safe. The hard tissue and soft tissue laser is focused to a precise point that only affects matter one millimeter away. When performing treatment on soft tissues, there is less bleeding and swelling since the laser cauterizes and sterilizes when it cuts.

With the added accuracy of the dental lasers, patients are less likely to experience dental problems in the long run. Unintended complications (such as small fractures in healthy tooth structure or damage to the gums) are virtually eliminated.

 The Effectiveness of Waterlase®

Waterlase® is an extremely accurate laser that can be used to treat teeth, gums, and bone structure. Unlike dental drills and other traditional dental tools, Waterlase® is unlikely to cause unintended trauma, such as hairline cracks or nerve damage. Since Waterlase® cuts with a precise laser and stream of water, it does not generate any heat or result in any undue pressure to your teeth. Many patients say that they experience only a gentle tapping sensation during procedures.

 The Effectiveness of DIAGNOdent®

DIAGNOdent® is a cavity detection laser that is able to identify even small cavities that may go unnoticed by traditional diagnostic techniques. Using DIAGNOdent® in conjunction with traditional techniques for cavity detection has improved our ability to identify cavities by 90%.

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Laser dentistry can effectively diagnose cavities as well as treat the hard tissues and soft tissues of the mouth. Lasers have helped us craft quality smiles using the latest techniques in cosmetic and restorative dental care. For more information on dental lasers and how they can help you get a great and healthy smile, contact our San Francisco laser dentistry practice today.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry – San Francisco

When it comes to getting effective dental care that is safer, more accurate, faster, and more comfortable, the answer is laser dentistry. we first used lasers are our San Francisco practice in . To this day, he remains the only dentist in the area certified to use hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. Over the years, his patients have experienced the benefits of laser dentistry firsthand. As you can see below, there are many compelling benefits that laser dentistry presents over traditional dental care techniques.

 Greater Comfort for Patients During Treatment

Traditional dental treatment of hard tissues and soft tissues relied on the use of drills, shots, anesthetic, and scalpels. With laser dentistry, there is little need for those traditional tools, which means less pain and discomfort while you undergo a dental treatment. In particular, the acute sensitivity, heat, and pressure of the dental drill are eliminated with the use of the Waterlase®.

 Less Discomfort for Patients After Treatment

Waterlase® cuts soft and hard tissues gently. In the case of soft tissues, Waterlase® seals and sterilizes while it cuts, which means very little bleeding during treatment and less swelling afterwards. Many patients who undergo procedures with Waterlase® experience less discomfort after their visit, and there is often no need for pain medication.

 Increased Precision, Accuracy, and Safety

Using Waterlase® allows us to address unhealthy tissues of the mouth with exact precision. This means that you retain healthier tooth structure and soft tissue than you would with traditional treatment methods.

On the diagnostic side, DIAGNOdent® provides us with greater accuracy when assessing your overall dental health. DIAGNOdent® makes it easier to detect even small cavities that may be just starting to form.

 Reduced Treatment and Recovery Time

Laser dentistry means a reduced need for anesthetic and other pre-treatment procedures. It also means added precision during treatment. Both of these benefits can reduce your treatment time a great deal. Many patients who’ve undergone laser dentistry at our San Francisco practice also report improved healing times. Laser dentistry essentially makes your entire experience much quicker and more convenient.

 Better Dental Health in the Long Run

Both Waterlase® and DIAGNOdent® can improve your dental health in the immediate future and down the road. The gentleness and accuracy of Waterlase® means less potential trauma to your teeth, your gums, and other structures of your mouth. (Dental drills, for example, can potentially leave small cracks in tooth structure, which may become the source of major dental problems later on.) With DIAGNOdent®, cavities and even potential cavities can be identified and treated before they become more serious.

 No Additional Cost for Advanced Dental Care

In addition to all of the other benefits we’ve listed, laser dentistry treatments come at no additional cost to patients. It’s a testament to our commitment to wellness and lasting dental health.

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There are plenty of great benefits to laser dentistry, as you have seen, which is why We are so pleased to be using this technology. Not only is it convenient for his patients, but it makes it easier to achieve high-quality results. For more information on how dental lasers can be of benefit to you, contact our San Francisco laser dentistry practice today.