San Francisco Teeth Whitening

Stained, discolored teeth can affect the way you feel about your smile. Many factors can contribute to yellowing teeth. Antibiotic use can leave discolorations deep inside the tooth while substances such as wine, coffee and soft drinks can penetrate through the enamel and leave stains. Regardless of the reason for your stains, our San Francisco teeth whitening dentist can help.

A brighter smile can boost not only your smile but your whole appearance. You may look and feel more youthful, and your confidence and self-esteem can soar. A single whitening treatment can roll back the hands of time and eliminate stains that have accumulated over many years. Our expert in teeth whitening in San Francisco will help you explore your whitening options to find the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

Teeth Whitening San Francisco

One of our most popular options is an in-office chair-side procedure. If you are a candidate for this whitening treatment, our San Francisco teeth whitening dentist will prepare your teeth. A professional cleaning may be performed to ensure deep, even penetration, and the gums and lips will be protected. A powerful whitening solution is applied directly to the teeth for maximum results, and a special light is applied to activate the whitening ingredients and help them penetrate deep inside the structure of the tooth.

This process may be repeated three to four times over the course of an hour. After the procedure is complete, our expert in teeth whitening in San Francisco may recommend a fluoride application to reduce your risk of post-whitening sensitivity. Your teeth, which will now be up to eight shades lighter, can be kept looking their best through a combination of daily dental hygiene, touch-up treatments as recommended and routine dental exams and cleanings. Other types of whitening treatments may also be available for qualified patients.

Zoom Whitening

Are stains on your teeth holding you back? As people age, the enamel on their teeth can become thinner and more transparent, which allows the yellow, gray or brown dentin to show through more clearly. Additionally, lifestyle habits can also contribute to staining. If you smoke or chew tobacco or drink coffee, wine or soft drinks, your teeth may give away your habits. Zoom whitening can give you your right smile back regardless of whether age or substances led to your discolored smile. Our expert in Zoom whitening in San Francisco can help.

Our San Francisco Zoom whitening expert offers numerous whitening solutions, including Zoom. Zoom is one of the fastest, most effective whitening treatments available today. It is applied in our office and takes about an hour. After treatment, your teeth may be up to eight shades brighter than before. Treatment can be repeated if necessary to achieve even brighter results. Once your teeth have been whitened with Zoom, they will remain permanently brighter as long as you follow post-whitening recommendations.

Zoom Whitening San Francisco

If you are a candidate for Zoom, our expert in Zoom whitening in San Francisco will begin with a comprehensive evaluation. This allows us to identify any untreated dental disease, such as gum disease or tooth decay, that could affect your results and your dental health. We may recommend a professional cleaning, which can help the whitening solution penetrate more evenly, particularly if you have any buildup on your teeth.

The Zoom gel is applied directly to your teeth. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down, and the oxygen is allowed to penetrate and bleach the enamel and dentin of your teeth. Our San Francisco Zoom whitening expert will use the Zoom lamp to activate the ingredients and help them penetrate even more deeply into your teeth. The entire procedure takes about an hour. The preparation is about 20 minutes, and each individual bleaching session is about 15 minutes. Sessions are repeated three to four times for best results.

Not every patient is a candidate for teeth whitening, but if you have generally healthy teeth and stains that are caused by nicotine, coffee, tea and similar substances, whitening may be an option for you. Contact our cosmetic dentist in San Francisco today to find out more or to schedule your whitening appointment.